MAY 7-8, 2015


"He who has lived most is not he who has numbered the most years, but he who has been most truly conscious of what life is. A man may have himself buried at the age of a hundred years, who died from the hour of his birth. He would have gained something by going to his grave in youth, if up to that time he had only lived" (Rousseau, 1762)

A Pioneer in the Field of Gerontology: Prof. Dr. Terence Seedsman


Emeritus Prof. Dr. Terence Seedsman is from Victoria University in Melbourne – Australia and has been a visiting fellow in the Department of Gerontology at Akdeniz University in Antalya/ Turkey for the last five years (2010-2014). During his time with the Department of Gerontology he has delivered a diverse range of seminars, lectures and community presentations that have helped to profile the importance of applied social gerontology. His reputation and work is known internationally and nationally in Australia. Recently he and his wife Maureen were made honorary citizens of the city of Dinar in Afyonkarahisar Province. In recognition of his contribution to the field of social gerontology in Turkey a series of international philosophical forums will be presented over the next five years in the ancient village of Assos through the Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophy School. Under the patronage of the Ismail Tufan Institute of Gerontology the Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophical School will conduct the first forum scheduled for the 7th May 2015 with a focus on “Aging and Wisdom: A Search for Understandings on Living Well”.


A Project of Prof. Dr. İsmail Tufan


Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophy School at Assos is one of the several projects that has been created by Prof. Dr. Ismail Tufan who is the founder of the first Department of Gerontology in Turkey. Through his patronage of the Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophy School he continues his valuable contributions to the field of gerontology in Turkey.


Video | Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophy School at Assos


The Terence Seedsman Gero-Philosophy School aims to create new understandings and insights into the human condition in later life. It is held that that philosophical inquiry can help to address the problems, potentials and challenges of individual and population aging. A philosophy of aging is deemed crucial for gerontology, individuals and society at large.  To achieve those aims, the first meeting is going to be held on 7-8 May, 2015 in Assos. Click here for the video.

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